EB Amps and Cabs came about because I found that you couldn't find well made, reasonably priced guitar amplifiers and guitar and bass cabinets in Australia. I teamed up with Darryl Hoy of Valvetone Australia to create a range of point to point, hand wired guitar amplifiers from 2 - 50 watts.  The guitar amps come in the three main styles of amplifiers that have influenced music since the 50s. They are British Invasion, Guv'nor and Fullerton . I also researched the different construction styles of various guitar and bass cabs around the globe and came up with two British styles and a Classic and a Vintage  US style guitar cabinets. These come in 1 x 12",  2 x 12" and 2 x 10".  I also make the three  styles of amplifiers as combos.  I honed my carpentry skills as a boat builder with my father when I was young. These came in very handy when I decided to construct really strong, light and compact bass cabs. The range includes 1 x 12", 2 x 12", 1 x 12" Jazz cube and 1 x 15". The cabs can be loaded with ceramic or neo speakers.